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Banning & Blocking – Social Media Study Group

Note: This is one in a series of blog posts to be used by Auburn’s Social Media Design Team to conduct a study group before making recommendations for social media policy. If unfamiliar with this series, you might find reading this post helpful.

Banning/Filtering Study Questions

  • What is the impact of blocking Facebook?
  • What methods of blocking are available to us and what are the untended consequences of each?
  • How easy is it to circumvent any filtering?
  • What is considered best practice around filtering?


Although intended as a tool for Auburn’s Social Media Design Team, everyone is invited to use these posts as a resource. And if you are not a member of Auburn’s Social Media Design Team, you are welcome to post comments, too. But please limit/be thoughtful of the sharing of opinion and stay focused on the focus questions – we a trying to use these posts for fact-finding, identifying resources, identifying best practice, etc. Thanks!