MAMLE 2022 Keynote

Conference Keynote That’s a Terrific Middle Level 101


10-14 Year olds can be mysterious creatures. But those who have gone before us can help see the path to reaching these students.

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Walking in the Footsteps of Sunshine – A keynote on the Founders and Foundations of Middle Level Education

When walking in the woods, sunshine can illuminate a path that has been taken by others, making a journey a bit easier, and offering the opportunity for you to discover what they had discovered. Let’s shed a little light on those who created the Middle Level paths for us. Now is the time to reawaken, enliven, and celebrate early lessons from Middle Level Education.

Presented at the MAMLE Conference, Oct. 7, 2022, at Thomas College.

Learn About

  • The story of Middle Level Education
  • Some of the founders of middle level education
  • The developmental characteristics of young adolescents
  • Practices that are harmonious with those characteristics
  • The impact of those practices on young adolescents
  • The detractors getting in the way of middle level education
  • What our charge, as middle level educators, is now