Introduction to MLTI

If you are a new Tech Director or Principal, or if you are new to Maine, or are “from away” but working on your own local learning through technology initiative, you might have questions about MLTI.
MLTI is the Maine Learning Technology Initiative, which started in 2002, providing 1to1 laptops to all 7th and 8th grade students and teachers in the state. From the beginning, we made the point of this being a learning initiative, not simply a tech buy. The program has expanded over the years. Schools can opt in, at district expense, for elementary schools and high schools. The state still provides funding support for 7th and 8th grade students and teachers, as well as for high school teachers, if the district opts in for all their high school students. MLTI is the only statewide 1to1 learning through technology initiative, and (depending on who you ask!) is currently the largest 1to1 program in the country.
Here are some places to get you started to learn more about MLTI…
You could browse the MLTI website:
Be sure to check out the overview of MLTI page:
Also, you might try these three articles:
They will provide an enormous amount of context for you.

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