Advantage 2014: The iPads are rolling out!

We’ve started!

The iPads have been rolling out!

Half our kindergarten classrooms now have iPads for each of our kindergarten students, as part of Advantage 2014, our initiative to improve the literacy and math learning of our primary students. (Don’t worry, the other half of classrooms will get theirs after we’ve had a chance to collect some data and see if we we a making a difference or not.)

Kindergarten student being interviewed for the radio

And it’s not surprising that the press wasn’t far behind our roll out!

Want a glimpse (or two) into the program?

The Lewiston Sun Journal created this video.

CNN produced this segment.

And MPBN has broadcast this radio story. (Sorry iOS users. This one is in Flash)

And if you really want to learn more about what’s going on in Auburn with the iPads, consider sending a team to our conference this November: Leveraging Learning: the iPad in Primary Grades