iPads to Come to Auburn Kindergarden Classrooms

I just started a terrific job in Auburn School District helping the high school develop multiple approaches to learning for all students.

Well, one of the reasons that this is such a great job is that the high school isn’t the only place in this district working to change school so more students can succeed.

Tonight, a team of Auburn educators presented to the school board their plan to roll out iPads to all kindergardeners next fall, starting with five pilot classrooms this spring.

Mauri Dufour, a literacy interventionist working with primary students, discovered this year that her students, even the youngest, could make quick gains working with her personal iPad, even taking slow starters quickly go the “Exceeds the Standard” level.

The board even had a surprise visit from Governor Angus King, who reminded us that not only do students need the same modern tools for learning that they see outside of school, and commended us for the bold move, but also reminded us that a decade ago, he had come to Auburn Middle School to kick off the Maine Learning Technologyy Initiative, the first (and still only) statewide learning with laptop intitiative.

Auburn is fortunate to have a school board, superintendent, and principals that have a strong vision for engaging each student with personalized learning.

The five pilot classrooms will work to explore possibilities, identify helpful apps, and bring to light the unanticipated successes and challenges of using modern learning tools with modern youngsters, while providing their fellow kindergarden teachers a place to visit in anticipation of all kindergarden teachers and students having access to iPads next fall.

We anticipate this being a game changer for our young learners!

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4 thoughts on “iPads to Come to Auburn Kindergarden Classrooms

  1. Audrey Watters

    Hi Mike,

    I would love to follow up with you for a story some time about how iPads may (or may not) differ from other 1:1 initiatives in Maine.

    Hope all’s well!

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