Transitions and New Beginnings

I’ve been lucky and have had quite a career so far, having had great opportunities to do interesting work. High school and middle school teacher, technology integrator, professor, teacher educator, educational consultant. I’ve worked a lot in the fields of technology integration, 1to1 learning with laptop initiatives, middle grades education, motivating underachievers, and project-based learning.

The last three and a half years, I’ve been working with a small educational development organization. We’ve co-written a federal Magnet Schools grant for a large urban district (which we were awarded!), and supported the program for the life of the grant. We created a career academy, and a couple non-traditional middle school and high school programs, and a virtual project based program for at-risk and dropout youth. Frankly, it was like getting another graduate degree, this one in the business of education, and educational organization and leadership!

But now I have a new opportunity.

Auburn School District (ME) had been a partner in helping us get the virtual project-based program going. A couple months ago, they began working with several groups of students, educators, and community members to develop a broad-based vision for learning for the high school. They realize that if they want to reduce their dropout rate and help more students graduates, then they need to pursue multiple pathways to graduation, something few districts are working on in systemic way.

And a couple weeks ago, they asked me to help the high school and middle school and the extended educational community on developing their strategic vision of multiple pathways for all learners to be successful, exploring possibilities on how to implement that vision, and then put options into practice.

How could I say, “no”?!

So now starts a new adventure! I’ll let you know now it’s going… đŸ™‚

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2 thoughts on “Transitions and New Beginnings

  1. Cheryl Oakes

    Congratulations, Mike! The multiple pathways has a similar theme to Universal Design for Learning, I bet you can put both themes together for a winning program!

  2. Jill Spencer


    What a stupendous opportunity for all involved. I worked with the middle school folks about seven years ago on a grant from the Southern Maine Partnership–they were terrific! Look forward to reading about your new adventure in your blog.

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